Sports Betting in California

We all love California for the sun, beaches, and festivals, but sports betting is the State’s best-kept secret. Residents in California enjoy exciting sports betting options from top bookmakers worldwide. This review explores California’s rich sports betting experience and how players can make the most of it.

Well, it depends on how you want to see it. California has no laws permitting or regulating sports betting, but it does not expressly forbid it. Tribal landowners and some prominent public voices have actively opposed all attempts to pass laws regulating sports betting in California, and this has prevented the proposals and bills attempts to waive its illegal status. 

Fortunately, there is a loophole in California’s unregulated sports betting practices. Online bookmakers have been offering their services within California for years without anyone attempting to stop them. The general reasoning is that these unregulated sportsbooks are foreign companies, and the State of California has no right or power to stop their operations.  

Regulation and licensing

California has not taken any active stance on regulating or licensing sports betting within its borders, so there is no institution regulating bookmakers or online sportsbooks in California. However, the California Gaming Control Commission regulates all gambling activities within the state and maintains 18 years as the minimum age for anyone to participate in any gambling activity.

Sports Betting with Your Mobile Phone

While Sports betting remains undecided in California, sports punters in the state still enjoy exciting sports betting options with their mobile phones. Many sports betting sites offer their services in California, so players can always download their mobile apps or use the browser version.

Punters in California enjoy some of the most exciting sports betting options because the state is home to fans interested in diverse sports activities. Here are some of the most popular sports in California:


Football is already the most recognized sport in America, but sports fans in California hold it even higher than most states. There are 4 professional NFL teams in California, and their fans turn out in huge numbers during the August Preseasons games, the September to December Regular seasons games, and the Playoff in January.

Sports punters in California even have more commitment to football. They wager on most NFL matches even when it does not involve the Chargers, Rams, or San Francisco 49ers. 


Major League Baseball (MLB) is another highlight sport in California. The state has some of the most prominent names in Baseball, so it is unsurprising that the stadiums are always packed when it involves California MLB teams.

Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants are the leading MLB teams to wager on in California because they often return home victorious. The San Francisco Giants have won up to eight World Series Titles and over twenty National League titles. The Dodgers have also won as many trophies, and they seem to be growing stronger. 


Basketball is America’s favorite sport, and California enjoys a fair dose of this game. There are four professional basketball teams in California, and they hold the forte in the NBA Pacific Division. Basketball fans in California get to watch exciting matches in the Haas Pavilion, and they get some part of the action at their favorite sportsbooks.


Hockey is another notable game in California, as the state boasts three powerful professional teams in the NHL. The Los Angeles Kings have been active since 1967, and they have the most Stanley Cup wins in California, followed closely by the Anaheim Ducks. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that San Jose Sharks will one day reward their fans with a Stanley Cup, but till then, they have to settle for the small wins and the gains they can make from wagering on these three teams. 


While Soccer has not been the most preferred sport in America, it still has a place as the foremost international sports competition. Sports punters in California like to watch and wager on Soccer because it has one of the largest fan bases in the world and is easily the most rewarding sport to wager on for a huge payout.

California may not have a public position on sports betting, but several punters in the state are getting quality action and huge payout from the generous bookmakers operating online. Here is a list of the most popular sportsbooks operating within California:


With its unmatched payout and world-class betting options, Bovada has been at the top of California’s favorite online sportsbooks for over 10 years. Players at Bovada enjoy frequent promotions and bonuses ranging from welcome bonuses to cashback and multipliers. They also offer casino games to give their customers a wholesome gambling experience.


Most punters troop to BetUS for its crypto payment options and welcome bonuses. New players can get up to a 125% bonus on their initial cash deposit and even more if they pay with cryptocurrency. The sportsbook also offers rich gaming options, including local and international tournaments.


BetOnline is one of California’s favorites because of its large betting market. Players at BetOnline have better-winning chances because they have access to competitive odds and several international games that are not available in many sportsbooks.


GtBet has the position of the most simple sportsbook option in California. Players enjoy this sportsbook’s simple interface and interactive design almost as much as they enjoy its bonuses and huge payout. GtBets also offers exciting bonuses and a large betting market for local sports.


MyBookie is one of the most comfortable sportsbooks in California. Its design is ideal for the mobile user and encourages punters to place their bets at any time. Punters get up to a $1000 bonus for the first deposit and multipliers for bets that meet the Sportsbook’s requirements.

Pros and Cons of Sports Betting In California


Sports betting is still largely undecided in California, but punters that wager with the available online sportsbooks enjoy several benefits, including the following:

  • High payout rates
  • Several local and international betting options
  • Rich betting markets and game odds
  • Players enjoy exciting bonuses and promotions


The limitations of sports betting in California also have several consequences like the following:

  • Unregulated access to sports betting services
  • Players are at risk of scams and cyberattacks at the unlicensed sports betting sites
  • Limited gambling revenue for the State of California


Sports betting is still in the gray area in California, but it has not stopped sports punters from placing their bets and making huge wins from their favorite teams. The act remains a favorite pastime of most residents as they explore and enjoy their favorite gambling products.